New Love for Traveling!

I've always been one to love outdoor adventures but just recently flew for the first time back in November with my cousin Tiffany. Perhaps it was being told NOT to travel that made me really want to lol half kidding? Anyways, now that I got that under my belt..I want to gooo!! So we planned another mini vacation for 4 days spontaneously to Miami, Florida. This was much different than my trip to Arizona and Utah. It's so incredibly cool getting to experience these new environments and ways of life.To see where you feel like you fit in verse where you simply come from. The beach was amazing! I probably won't go back to Miami specifically again but I'm glad we did. The traffic was intimidating as it was wayy busier than what I'm used to and the drivers were pretty aggressive in their fancy cars- haha!

Going new places and experiencing things so different than what you're used to makes you feel like a different person when you come home. I'm blessed to have a cousin that is a best friend to go with.