Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

  • We provide services to Western Pennsylvania and are located in Indiana, PA.


How would you describe your shooting style?

  • Authentic, Romantic, Real



What is your editing style?

  • Moody, Filmy & Rich!

I love images that make you feel something. I edit accordingly to the style and feel of your session or wedding! I like tones that represent film mixed with some modern richness.


When is the best time of day to book portraits?

  • Lighting can make a huge difference! Having the sun be in the right place can add an extra umph to your portraits! I recommend shortly after the sunrises or before it sets. Avoiding mid day as much as possible.


How far in advance should I book?

  • For portrait suggestion I suggest 1-2 months prior to your desired date. Especially if you want them in the fall. Weekends fill up the fastest but we are available on weekdays in the evening!

  • For weddings I do not book more than 16 months in advance. Once you have your wedding date in mind though I wouldn't wait to contact the vendors you love!


When will I receive my photos?

  • Portrait sessions are delivered within 1-2 weeks.

  • Weddings are delivered within 5-8 weeks.

  • A facebook preview is usually provided within only 1-2 days!


What do I have to do to book you?

  • For Portraits..just shoot us a message and we'll pick a date!

  • For weddings, to secure your date a 20% retainer fee as well as a signed contract is required.


How many photos will we receive?

  • For portraits an average of 50-100 images are created, edited and delivered.

  • For Weddings it can vary greatly based on the coverage desired, time set aside for portraits, size of the family/bridal party and how much is going on at your reception. Usually 80-120 images are created per hour.


How will we receive our photos?

  • Portraits- Digital downloads delivered via an online gallery. We recommend you download the High-Resolution version for the best quality. You have the ability to print the images where and whever you'd like or order professional quality prints & canvases straight from the gallery!

  • Weddings- via a custom USB & usb box or a gold glass keepsake box with printing rights based on your package.


Can we print the Images wherever we'd like?

  • Yep! When not ordering prints through our professional lab I recommend www.mpix.com or www.artifactuprising.com. Their square prints are my fav! Local stores such as Walmart or Wa-lgreens will change the quality and color of your images.



"Can I send you my pinterest board?"

  • Sure! It helps me get a feel for what poses and styles are your favorite. But I prefer to create our own pinterest worthy images ;)


Are you self taught or did you go to school for photography?

  • Kind of both! I went to school at Indiana County Technical Center for Graphics and Electronics Media for 3 years. I apply the education I got there on my editing and design process. I only took one class in college for Photography itself and really learned most of it via hands on. I started with a simple camera I earned with babysitting money after high school. At first it was just images of my grandmother's garden, then my friends annnd the rest is history!


Where should we have our portraits taken?

  • Message me and we can discuss a location custom to your style and convenient to where you are located! I love shooting by criks, rivers, waterfalls and anything outdoorsy but city/urban can be fun too!


What should we wear?

You can totally send me outfit pictures if you want my opinion! You don't have to be too matchy. Avoid having outfits with wording on it or super bright bold colors not found in nature as they can clash easily.