Why you should get Engagement Portraits Done

Wohoo!! So you're significant other finally popped the question! You're filled with excitement planning your big day, telling your friends & family members and probably organizing a board on pinterest with all of your wedding favorites and tips. Maybe your special someone isn't a fan of pictures or you'd like to save some money and have a friend take some pictures with their cellphone, here are some reasons why you should hire a professional photographer and have your engagement portraits taken! 

1. You'll get sweet photos of yourself.

But seriously. Who doesn't like some sweet new photos you can post on social media?! New profile picture? I think so. 

2. It'll give you the chance to reconnect. 

Wedding planning can get stressful. Engagement portraits are the opportunity to get all snuggly with your person! I love a good romantic shot. 

3. You'll be more comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day.

This one is a biggie. It's pretty common for men to be uncomfortable in front of the camera or to dread a session. But once meeting your photographer it's usually way more relaxed than you expected. It's fun and really not bad at all! You won't be nervous about posing on your wedding day together if you've had your portraits taken together previously. 

4. It's the chance to see how your wedding photographer works.

Your wedding photographer follows you around a lot on your wedding day. It's much more comfortable if you feel like you know their personality and how they work. 

5. Engagement Announcements/ Save The Dates

6. Wedding Decor

There are so many cute ways you could use your engagement portraits as wedding decor! Seriously, the possibilities are endless! A photo guestbook is one of my favorites! Also, any reason to buy a cute picture frame from tj maxx makes me happy. 

7. Home Decor

Have some memories to hang on your walls! 


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But why do you want a professional for this? Quality. Professional DSLR cameras provide high quality & High-Resolution images you can print large without distortion and a professional photographer has experience with posing, lighting as well as editing.