Our Adventure at Lincoln Cavern's

I decided this year I need to make it a goal to go on adventures and live more! I work a full time job as well as wedding + portrait photography events and the hours of editing that goes with it(which I love). But we need to make memories of our own as well. Our first adventure I planned was to an event called Bat fest at Lincoln Caverns! We learned about bats, what they eat, how they are endangered, what caves are mostly made of, how they are made and what the formations in them are called! I couldn't believe that 90% of out bats have recently died off! That was HUGE news to me! I mean...they eat their body weight in bugs every day! So our insect populations and mosquitoes will sky rocket and have been. 

Check out our adventure to Lincoln Caverns below! I do recommend taking a tour in a cave at least once in your live. :) Next one will be Laurel Caverns once it opens back up in April!