10 Random Things About Your Photographer


Thank you for visiting my site & blog! I've realized I never show any of my personal life on my photography social media so here are a few things about your photographer.


1. My husband James doubles as my second shooter. We've been together for almost 10 years and met when I was 16! We  finally "tied the knot" on July 15th 2015!

2. Dark lipsticks are my jam.

3. In addition to my job as a photographer, I work full-time at a Doctor's office as a Patient Information Coordinator.

4. I have no children but I do have a dog. My Mountain Cur is my fur-baby and we love her dearly! Sometimes my husband steals my blanket off of me just to cover her up....

5. I sing. a lot. I'm not any good, but If I hear someone sing the chorus of a song i pretty much can't resist continuing it on. 

6. I've shot 46 weddings thus far and I still tear up at every single one.

7. I grew up on a farm with chickens & goats. Trust me when I say Roosters are mean! I don't know why we use the term "chicken" for being afraid. Those things are brave and will come after you! hahaha

8. Things I Love: Yoga pants, wild flowers, hiking, inspirational quotes, tattoos, vintage film cameras, camping, stargazing, owls, coffee with vanilla creamer and God. 

9. My favorite TV shows are Flea Market Flip, The Super Natural and The Voice.

 10. I attended a Technical School 3 years for Graphic Design.